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Accommodation is in 3 self contained villas surrounding a charming Andaluz courtyard, with palm trees, fountains and scented jasmine. Each villa has 4 bedrooms, its own kitchen, various bathrooms, sitting room and terraces.

The villas all have fireplaces but we do not have to light them very often. We are near the coast with its balmy climate.

24 sleeps
12 bedrooms
3 Villas

Villa Camelia

This was the old plantation owners house. It has 4 bedrooms (2 double & 2 twins) two of which have their own bathroom and 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom. It has a magnificent 400 sq foot sitting room with fireplace, and french windows overlooking the exotic gardens and 2 very large terraces.

people8 twin2 double2 shower2 bathroom1 lounge1 kitchen1

Villa Adelfas

On two level the house offers 4 bedrooms (1 double & 3 twins) and 3 bathrooms, with 2 bathrooms and 1 en suite shower. It has a huge covered terrace capable of sitting over 25 people

people8 twin3 double1 shower1 bathroom2 lounge1 kitchen1

Villa Datura

4 bedrooms are on two levels (2 double & 2 twins) two with their own bathrooms and two with a shared bathroom. The sitting room opens out to a lovely terrace with overhead blinds which can be drawn out if the sun gets too strong.

people8 twin2 double2 shower1 bathroom2 lounge1 kitchen1

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Floor plan of Finca del Nino

Floor plan of large Holiday Villa La Finca del Niño

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